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Michael F. Stokes School. Levittown, NY >>>

North Pembroke Elementary School. Pembroke, MA >>>

J.C. Solmonese Elementary School. Norton, MA >>>

North Street Elementary School. Grafton , MA >>>

Elm Street School. Gardner, MA >>>

Powell Elementary School. Raleigh, NC >>>

The Filipino School of New York & New Jersey >>>

Bryantville Elementary School. Pembroke, MA >>>

Palmer River Elementary School. Rehoboth, MA >>>

Dedham, MA Home Mural >>>

Dighton Elementary School. Dighton, MA >>>

Founders Memorial School. Essex Junction, VT >>>

West Roxbury Home Mural >>>

Decas Elementary School. Wareham, MA >>>

Bacon Free Library. Natick, MA >>>

Browns Point Elementary School. Tacoma, WA >>>

Lacy Elementary School Mural . Raleigh, NC >>>

Ligon Magnet Middle School Mural. Raleigh, NC >>>

Fostertown Magnet School. Newburgh, NY >>>

Center for Arts at the Armory. Somerville , MA >>>

Jackson School. Newton, MA >>>

Blanchard Memorial School. Boxborough, MA >>>

North Pembroke Elementary School. Pembroke, MA >>>

Tatem Elementary School. Collingswood , NJ >>>

Palmer River Elementary School Mural. Rehoboth, MA >>>

Elm Street School Mural. Gardner, MA >>>

Jefferson School. Summit, NJ >>>

Claypit Hill School. Wayland, MA >>>

Loker School. Wayland, MA >>>

St. Peter School. Cambridge, MA >>>

Bryantville Elementary School. Pembroke, MA >>>

Park School Mural. Brookline, MA >>>

Davis School Mural. Bedford, MA >>>

Wheelock School Mural, Medfield , MA >>>

Green Meadow Elementary Mural. Maynard, MA >>>

The Park School Mural. Brookline , MA >>>

Ligon Magnet Middle School Mural. Raleigh, NC >>>

Lacy Elementary School Mural . Raleigh, NC >>>


Plymouth River Elementary School. Hingham, MA >>>

Runkle Elementary School. Brookline, MA >>>

Park School. Brookline, MA >>>

Arlington Food Pantry. Arlington, MA >>>

North Pembroke Elementary School. Pembroke , MA >>>

Northeast Tacoma Elementary School. Tacoma, WA >>>

Lacy Elementary School. Raleigh, NC >>>

Blanchard School. Boxborough, MA >>>

Palmer River Elementary School. Rehoboth, MA >>>

Garfield School. Collingswood, NJ >>>

Blanchard School. Boxborough, MA >>>

Bancroft School. Andover, MA >>>

East School. Hingham, MA >>>

Oaklyn Public School. Oaklyn, NJ >>>

Lincoln School. Lowell, MA >>>

Parthum School. Lawrence, MA >>>

Sidney Borum. Boston, MA >>>

Wheelock School. Medfield , MA >>>

Bethany School. Framingham, MA >>>

Jefferson School. Franklin, MA >>>

Sheehan School. Westwood, MA >>>

Westminster Elementary School. Westminster , MA >>>

Jackson School. Newton, MA >>>

Palmer River Elementary School. Rehoboth, MA >>>

Burr Elementary School. Newton, MA >>>

Martin Gifted and Talented Magnet Middle School. Raleigh, NC >>>

North Pembroke Elementary School. Pembroke, MA

Zeh Elementary School mural. Northborough, MA >>>

Nathaniel Morton Elementary School mural. Plymouth, MA >>>

Jefferson Elementary School mural. Franklin, MA >>>

Parthum Elementary School mural. Lawrence, MA >>>

South School mural. Hingham, MA >>>

Vinal School mural. Norwell, MA >>>

Wealthy Elementary School mural. Grand Rapids, MI >>>

Quinsigamond Elementary School mural. Worcester , MA >>>

Cushing Elementary School calendar project. Scituate, MA >>>

Loker Elementary School mural. Wayland, MA >>>

Dana Farber mural. Boston, MA >>>

Bryantville Elementary School. Pembroke, MA >>>

Randolph High mural. Randolph, MA >>>

Memorial Park School mural. Rockland, MA >>>

Jefferson School mural. Rockland, MA >>>

Esten School mural. Rockland, MA >>>

Gates School mural. Acton, MA >>>

Palmer River Elementary School mural. Wellesley, MA >>>

Fiske School mural. Wellesley, MA >>>

Conant School. Acton , MA >>>

Jefferson School. Franklin, MA >>>

Proctor School mural. Northborough, MA >>>

North Pembroke School Calendar Project >>>

Hyman Fine Elementary School. Attleboro, MA >>>

Burrell Elementary School. Foxborough, MA >>>

Taylor Elementary School v2. Foxborough, MA >>>

Dental Practice >>>

Elm Street School. Walmpole, MA >>>

Palmer River Elementary School . Rehoboth, MA>>>

Worcester Arts Magnet School. Worcester , MA >>>

North Pembroke. Pembroke, MA >>>

West Elementary School . Stoughton , MA >>>

Josepbh H. Gibbons School. Stoughton , MA >>>

Taylor Elementary School. Foxboro , MA >>>

Igo Elementary School. Foxboro , MA >>>

Loker Elementary School. Wayland , MA >>>

Cottage Street School. Sharon , MA >>>

Meetinghouse School. Westminster, MA >>>

Westminster Elementary School. Westminster, MA >>>

Helen Keller Elementary School. Franklin, MA >>>

Pawtucketville Memorial Elementary School mural. Lowell, MA >>>

Fisher School. Walpole, MA >>>

Trinity Episcopal Church. Newport, RI >>>

Fisher Elementary School mural progress in Walple, MA >>>

Hopkinton Middle School mural in Hopkinton , MA >>>

Dawe Elementary School mural in Stoughton, MA >>>

Trinity Church in Newport, RI >>>

Old Post Road School in Walpole , MA >>>

Ridge Meadows Elementary in Ellisville , MO >>>


Bennett Hemmenway School in Natick , MA >>>

Jackson Elementary School in Newton , MA >>>


Oak St. Elementary School, Franklin, MA >>>

North Pembroke Elementary School , Franklin, MA >>>

Boyden Elementary School , Walpole MA >>>

Oak St. Elementary School, Franklin, MA >>>

Franklin Elementary School, Newton, MA >>>

Johnson Elementary School, Natick, MA >>>

Berryline mural, Boston, MA >>>

Brighton, MA mural >>>

Douglas Elementary School, Acton, MA >>>

North Yarmouth Academy in Maine mural >>>

Reilly W. Reilly School in Lowell, MA mural >>>

Lilja Elementary in Natick , MA mural >>>

Jackson Elementary School in Newton, MA mural >>>

The Wealthy Elementary School, Grand Rapids, MI >>>

Hunter Elementary School, Raleigh, NC >>>

Swampscott High School mural, Swampscott, MA >>>

Hansen School mural, Stoughton, MA >>>

Artist in residency mural in North Hollywood, CA >>>

Washington School Playground >>> + >>>

Franklin Elementary School. Newton , MA >>>

Berryline. Boston, MA >>> and the character design >>>

Berryline mural v2 in Harvard Square >>>

Karmaloop mural in Boston, MA >>>

Berryline in Harvard Square >>>

Morse Institute Library in Natick, MA >>>

Washington School Mural version 2 >>>

Central Square mural >>>

Jackson School, Newton, MA >>>

Newton South, Newton, MA >>> + you tube clip >>>

John F Kennedy School mural >>>

Washington School Mural >>> + >>>

Karmaloop Mural, Boston, MA >>>

Trotter Elementary School mural >>>

Lesley University >>>

Residential Mural >>>

Atrium Mall, Chesnuthill, MA >>>

Children's Music Together, Jamaica Plain, MA >>>

Artprize billboards in Grand Rapids, MI >>>

Center for Social Policy & the Brookview House >>>

South Elementary School in Stoughton, MA >>>

Boston Center for Adult Education in Boston, MA >>>

Boston's Children's Hospital (10t floor) >>>

Neurobiology lab in Stony Brook NY >>> and >>>

- My artwork was exhibited at the Boston Logan Airport >>>

One of my characters is now on a patch that Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts can earn for their community service efforts >>> read background info about the Spread the Bread Patch >>>

Natick Public Library >>>

Harvard Business Association >>> and the winner >>>

The School of Fashion Design, Boston, MA >>>

Suffolk University, Boston, MA >>>

Boston University School of Medicine's Department of Anatomy and Neurobiology Center (permanent collection) >>>

Boston's Children's Hospital (permanent collection) >>> + >>>

Happy Hollow Elementary School (six 48" x 36" food related paintings) >>>

Wild Child, Arlington, MA (storefront art) >>>

Washington School logo/mascot >>>


See the steps for my latest painting commission >>>