Schools also hire Bren to paint murals. What makes Bren's murals special is that he incorporates students' ideas and characters in the compositions. Prior to painting the mural, Bren holds workshops for students where they brainstorm and illustrate characters based on a theme. Bren makes sure that each students' creations are incorporated in the mural. Scroll down to see mural samples and see mural related videos via this link >>>

All of my school murals are based on students' drawings. The Dawe Elementary School kids drew healthy food and sports-related characters for this project (see photo below).

Michael F. Stokes School. Levittown, NY >>>

North Pembroke Elementary School. Pembroke, MA >>>

J.C. Solmonese Elementary School. Norton, MA >>>

North Street Elementary School. Grafton , MA >>

Elm Street School. Gardner, MA >>>

Powell Elementary School. Raleigh, NC >>>

The Filipino School of New York & New Jersey >>>

Bryantville Elementary School. Pembroke, MA >>>

Palmer River Elementary School. Rehoboth, MA >>>

Dighton Elementary School. Dighton, MA >>>

Founders Memorial School. Essex Junction, VT >>>

Decas Elementary School. Wareham, MA >>>

Bacon Free Library. Natick, MA >>>

Browns Point Elementary School. Tacoma, WA >>>

Lacy Elementary School Mural . Raleigh, NC >>>

Ligon Magnet Middle School Mural. Raleigh, NC >>>

Fostertown Magnet School. Newburgh, NY >>>

Center for Arts at the Armory. Somerville , MA >>>

Jackson School. Newton, MA >>>

Blanchard Memorial School. Boxborough, MA >>>

North Pembroke Elementary School. Pembroke, MA >>>

Tatem Elementary School. Collingswood , NJ >>>


Palmer River Elementary School Mural. Rehoboth, MA >>>

Elm Street School Mural. Gardner, MA >>>

Jefferson School. Summit, NJ >>>

Claypit Hill School. Wayland, MA >>>

Loker School. Wayland, MA >>>

St. Peter School. Cambridge, MA >>>

Bryantville Elementary School. Pembroke, MA >>>

Park School Mural. Brookline, MA >>>

Davis School Mural. Bedford, MA >>>

Wheelock School Mural, Medfield , MA >>>

Green Meadow Elementary Mural. Maynard, MA >>>

The Park School Mural. Brookline , MA >>>

Ligon Magnet Middle School Mural. Raleigh, NC >>>

Lacy Elementary School Mural . Raleigh, NC >>>


Plymouth River Elementary School. Hingham, MA >>>

Runkle Elementary School. Brookline, MA >>>

Park School. Brookline, MA >>>

Arlington Food Pantry. Arlington, MA >>>

North Pembroke Elementary School. Pembroke , MA >>>

Northeast Tacoma Elementary School. Tacoma, WA >>>

Lacy Elementary School. Raleigh, NC >>>

Palmer River Elementary Schol. Rehoboth, MA >>>

Blanchard School. Boxborough, MA >>>

Garfield School. Collingswood, NJ >>>

Blanchard School. Boxborough, MA >>>

Bancroft School. Andover, MA >>>

East School. Hingham, MA >>>

Oaklyn Public School. Oaklyn, NJ >>>

Lincoln School. Lowell, MA >>>

Parthum School. Lawrence, MA >>>

Sidney Borum. Boston, MA >>>

Wheelock School. Medfield , MA >>>

Bethany School. Framingham, MA >>>

Jefferson School. Franklin, MA >>>

Sheehan School. Westwood, MA >>>

Westminster Elementary School. Westminster , MA >>>

Jackson School. Newton, MA >>>


Palmer River Elementary School. Rehoboth, MA >>>

Burr Elementary School. Newton, MA >>>

Martin Gifted and Talented Magnet Middle School. Raleigh, NC >>>

North Pembroke Elementary School. Pembroke, MA


Zeh Elementary School mural. Northborough, MA >>>

Nathaniel Morton Elementary School mural. Plymouth, MA >>>

Jefferson Elementary School mural. Franklin, MA >>>

Parthum Elementary School mural. Lawrence, MA >>>

South School mural. Hingham, MA >>>

Vinal School mural. Norwell, MA >>>

Wealthy Elementary School mural. Grand Rapids, MI >>>

Quinsigamond Elementary School mural. Worcester , MA >>>

Cushing Elementary School calendar project. Scituate, MA >>>

Loker Elementary School mural. Wayland, MA >>>

Dana Farber mural. Boston, MA >>>

Bryantville Elementary School. Pembroke, MA >>>

Randolph High mural. Randolph, MA >>>

Memorial Park School mural. Rockland, MA >>>

Jefferson School mural. Rockland, MA >>>

Esten School mural. Rockland, MA >>>

Gates School mural. Acton, MA >>

Palmer River Elementary School mural. Wellesley, MA >>>

Fiske School mural. Wellesley, MA >>>

Conant School. Acton , MA >>>

Jefferson School. Franklin, MA >>>

Proctor School mural. Northborough, MA >>>

North Pembroke School Calendar Project >>>

Hyman Fine Elementary School. Attleboro, MA >>>

Burrell Elementary School. Foxborough, MA >>>

Taylor Elementary School v2. Foxborough, MA >>

Dental Services. Cambridge, MA >>>

Elm Street School. Walmpole, MA >>>

Palmer River Elementary School . Rehoboth, MA>>>

Worcester Arts Magnet School. Worcester , MA >>>

North Pembroke. Pembroke, MA >>>

West Elementary School . Stoughton , MA >>>

Josepbh H. Gibbons School. Stoughton , MA >>>

Taylor Elementary School. Foxboro , MA >>>

Igo Elementary School. Foxboro , MA >>>

Loker Elementary School. Wayland , MA >>>

Cottage Street School. Sharon , MA >>>

Meetinghouse School. Westminster, MA

Westminster Elementary School. Westminster, MA >>>

Helen Keller Elementary School. Franklin, MA >>>

Pawtucketville Memorial Elementary School mural. Lowell, MA >>>

Fisher School. Walpole, MA >>>

Trinity Episcopal Church. Newport, RI >>>

Fisher Elementary School mural progress in Walple, MA >>>

Hopkinton Middle School mural in Hopkinton , MA >>>

Dawe Elementary School mural in Stoughton, MA >>>

Trinity Church in Newport, RI >>>

Old Post Road School in Walpole , MA >>>

Ridge Meadows Elementary in Ellisville , MO >>>


Bennett Hemmenway School in Natick , MA >>>

Jackson Elementary School in Newton , MA >>>


Oak St. Elementary School, Franklin, MA >>>

North Pembroke Elementary School , Franklin, MA >>>

Boyden Elementary School , Walpole MA >>>

Oak St. Elementary School, Franklin, MA >>>

Franklin Elementary School, Newton, MA >>>

Johnson Elementary School, Natick, MA >>>

Berryline mural, Boston, MA >>>

Brighton, MA mural >>>

Douglas Elementary School, Acton, MA >>>

North Yarmouth Academy in Maine mural >>>

Reilly W. Reilly School in Lowell, MA mural >>>

Lilja Elementary in Natick , MA mural >>>

Jackson Elementary School in Newton, MA mural >>>

The Wealthy Elementary School, Grand Rapids, MI >>>

Hunter Elementary School, Raleigh, NC >>>

Swampscott High School mural, Swampscott, MA >>>

Hansen School mural, Stoughton, MA >>>

Artist in residency mural in North Hollywood, CA >>>

Washington School Playground >>> + >>>

Franklin Elementary School. Newton , MA >>>

Berryline. Boston, MA >>> and the character design >>>

Berryline mural v2 in Harvard Square >>>

Karmaloop mural in Boston, MA >>>

Berryline in Harvard Square >>>

Morse Institute Library in Natick, MA >>>

Washington School Mural version 2 >>>

Central Square mural >>>

Jackson School, Newton, MA >>>

Newton South, Newton, MA >>> + you tube clip >>>

John F Kennedy School mural >>>

Washington School Mural >>> + >>>

Karmaloop Mural, Boston, MA >>>

Trotter Elementary School mural >>>

Lesley University >>>

Residential Mural >>>

Atrium Mall, Chesnuthill, MA >>>

Children's Music Together, Jamaica Plain, MA >>>

Artprize billboards in Grand Rapids, MI >>>

Center for Social Policy & the Brookview House >>>

South Elementary School in Stoughton, MA >>>

Boston Center for Adult Education in Boston, MA >>>

Boston's Children's Hospital (10t floor) >>>

Neurobiology lab in Stony Brook NY >>> and >>>

- My artwork was exhibited at the Boston Logan Airport >>>

One of my characters is now on a patch that Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts can earn for their community service efforts >>> read background info about the Spread the Bread Patch >>>

Natick Public Library >>>

Harvard Business Association >>> and the winner >>>

The School of Fashion Design, Boston, MA >>>

Suffolk University, Boston, MA >>>

Boston University School of Medicine's Department of Anatomy and Neurobiology Center (permanent collection) >>>

Boston's Children's Hospital (permanent collection) >>> + >>>

Happy Hollow Elementary School (six 48" x 36" food related paintings) >>>

Wild Child, Arlington, MA (storefront art) >>>

Washington School logo/mascot >>>


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