Two Positive People You Should Know Nov 3, 2004 10:56 pm One of the great joys of my job is getting the chance to meet some really terrific people. Introducing these folks in turn to you is truly satisfying. Today Iıd like you to meet two wonderful people who live to spread their upbeat message of hope, happiness and inspiration. These are just two of the bright lights Iım blessed to know. Nancy Purbeck is the host of a Boston cable television program called ³Positive People.² I was honored to be a guest on her show a few years back. She interviews people from all backgrounds, people who approach their jobs and their lives with a positive attitude. Several years ago, Nancy and friends created an organization called VICTORY OVER VIOLENCE ( One of the organizationıs special events is the annual celebration of Positive People Day, reminding us to make a positive impact in the community through simple communications of sharing. Squads of volunteers fan out throughout the city on this day handing out cards, buttons, t-shirts and stickers with a simple message --- share a hug, a smile, a laugh, give unexpected compliments and participate in random acts of kindness. Nancy is not selling anything and makes no demands, other than asking us all to think about being kind to one another. The other bright light is Bren Bataclan, an artist who moved to Boston several years ago. Wanting to see his fellow Bostonians smile more, Bren created began the Smile Boston Project. In October 2003, he started placing 12² x 16² acrylic paintings on canvas (known as ³smiley painted ambassadors²) all over the city in public places for people to take. The only catch for the takers for the totally FREE painting is to smile at others more often. Not much of a catch! He leaves the bright, colorful humorous paintings in public places and since last year has seen his project expand around the nation and internationally. Hundreds have received Brenıs art. He asks for nothing but their smiles in return. Iım the proud owner of a Bren Bataclan original. Find out more at It takes dozens of tiny muscles and nerve endings in your face just a millisecond to create a smile. Perhaps those muscles are at work for you now. Knowing people like Nancy and Bren certainly make me smile. Iım glad youıre getting the chance to meet them!