Dear Bren,

This evening I thought a child had left a book open on a bench at the old NC State Capital. On closer inspection, I found your painting and the "terms" of accepting the free painting.

It was getting near dusk. I was delighted, but thought someone else might be in greater need of the joy your painting and note provides. I sat nearby for a while and decided I could at least take the painting to show to friends and put it back in circulation, just as I found it.

Now, I am so taken by your art and generosity (from seeing your website), I am compelled to enjoy this small treasure for much longer.

I am a 60 year old female, in good health but somtimes dispiriting circumstances, perhaps due in large part to a mindset I've drifted into. You have inspired me to reboot and spread a bit of cheer myself.

My hometown of Lumberton, and even my sister's home, was flooded in Hurricane Matthew. I have donated to help victims in Lumberton and in Haiti, but I hope to be more creative in helping them to smile.

Thank you for such a joyful painting and such a generous act.

Raleigh, NC Painting Recipient (October 2016)