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October 2016. Dear Bren, This evening I thought a child had left a book open on a bench at the old NC State Capital. On closer inspection, I found your painting and the "terms" of accepting the free painting. It was getting near dusk. I was delighted, but thought someone else might be in greater need of the joy your painting and note provides. I sat nearby for a while and decided I could at least take the painting to show to friends and put it back in circulation, just as I found it. Now, I am so taken by your art and generosity (from seeing your website), I am compelled to enjoy this small treasure for much longer. I am a 60 year old female, in good health but somtimes dispiriting circumstances, perhaps due in large part to a mindset I've drifted into. You have inspired me to reboot and spread a bit of cheer myself. My hometown of Lumberton, and even my sister's home, was flooded in Hurricane Matthew. I have donated to help victims in Lumberton and in Haiti, but I hope to be more creative in helping them to smile. Thank you for such a joyful painting and such a generous act. Raleigh, NC Painting Recipient >>>

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June 2016. Moore, Oklahoma: I've had this for a while. I just saw the back and went to your website. Found it one day in Moore, OK when going to a sushi restaurant. It had a note and every time every time someone asks me about it I tell them the story about the note about you can take me if you smile...It's one of my favorite pieces...not that I have anything expensive...but I love it because it's so happy. I looked at the back for the first time today I guess...I never paid attention I guess....I thought you may want to know where your stuff, if this is one of yours ends's in southern California now. On my kid art wall. Dana >>>

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February 2015. Too Much Snow painting giveaway feedback:What a pleasant surprise your picture you left at City Hall. Thanks, Sandra Thanks for the painting. It made our day! Lilly >>>

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November 2014 Feedback, Washington, D.C.: Found your painting in Washington Square a while back.  Still a favorite among my friends (and myself).  Attached is proof that I kept my promise.  I'm the guy in the hope shirt.  I noticed the group I'm pictured with seemed down so I bought them a round and shared your painting story. Keep it up, Joel >>>

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August 2014 San Francisco, CA: Hello! I'm visiting the San Francisco area and visited the Mitchell's ice cream shop. I found your painting and looked at your website. I think your ideas and concepts are amazing! Thank you for this painting. Marie >>>

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July 2014 "Thanx Bren! The painting has definitely made us smile when we spotted it when sheltering from the shower inside the phone box at Durham cathedral earlier today! It's v cool n it now live in Nottingham! Thanx again! :-)" Teresa >>>

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August 2013 Moore, Oklahoma: This playhouse is on our property in Moore where our home was leveled by the May 20th tornado. I just picked up the painting tonight!!! That is just Awesome and certainly made me smile Thank you!" Amber Che'Kriesel >>>

August 2013 Overland Park, Kansas: I was going to a codependency meeting in Overland Park, KS, feeling quite unsettled since I have to leave my domestic violence shelter Friday and still don't know where I'll be living. Tonight, I almost used the ramp, but nope, decided to use the stairs again with my walker. A bit of a challenge with my hip problem. So, up I go with my slow rise and I was feeling a tad low. I noticed something alongside the building at the top of the stairs. Just a glimpse of the bright yellow smiling creature was a surprise and made me feel happier. I loved the picture. Cuteness and all happiness. I read the caption. I was wanting to pick it up; I hesitated. Maybe I should leave it for someone else. Someone will love it. (pause) Me. I love it. I read the caption again to promise to smile at random people more often. Hmm, I like the thought of sharing a simple gift like that and took the picture with the promise that I'd look people in the eye and smile for them, to them, with them. I made the deal to do the intentional smile. Thanks for bringing me joy with your free painting and reminder to just smile. It is free. Everything will be all right. Anonymous

August 2013 : Maryland I am one of the recipients of a painting you left at Bethesda, Metro station in Maryland. We have written before, I'm giving your painting to my almost 4 yr. old grandson, who loves painting, coloring and stamping. When the tragedy hit the Philippines, I thought of you and have been praying. The enclosed is the project my daughter and I put together to help raise funds for relief to the people of the Philippines. I offered my handmade jewelry and folks can contribute to the Charity of their choice, they contact me to see if the piece they'd like is available and if so, I mail it as a thank you for their contribution. Feel free to forward the site, which my daughter put up, she and her husband help support the education of a 12 yr. old boy in the Philippines. the site is: givebackfriday.blogspot,com all best wishes for the New Year. I can assure you, I smile at random persons in my travels. Sincerely, Matty

August 2013 Washington D.C.: hi bren, great project. my wife, daughter, son, and i were visiting some family in washington dc this weekend. we stopped in dupont circle to have a picnic on the way out of town back home to pittsburgh. my seven year old daughter spotted her smiley and later my three year old son, who was insanely jealous of daughter at this point, spotted his. we decided that we should clean all the garbage out of the the beautiful fountain in the middle of the park as a sort of invisible smile to everyone nearby. thanks for all the fun and introducing my kids to a new form of street art. cheers, lance

August 2013 Sidney, Nebraska: Bren, I live in Sidney, NE and found your painting alongside the Insurance store.... I wasn't sure who had left it or why... After doing a bit of research, my questions were answered... Thank you ! it made my day and I will pay it forward : ) Cheers and safe travels to you my friend. Mike

August 2013 Charleston, West Virginia: I live in Charleston, WV and was very fortunate to discover a couple of your paintings on my walk home from work. Thank You for making my day a little brighter with your artwork. Thanks for the Smile, Sister Dollie

August 2013 Laramie, Wyoming: I'm in the middle of a cross-country road trip right now, so he's my new travel companion. Yesterday we went to the Rascal Flatts concert, this morning we went rock climbing, and today we're heading to the rodeo. Tomorrow we start heading up to Yellowstone. I'll send you some travel updates along the way. We're smiling as much as possible :) Here's us rock climbing... Cheers, Erik Swedberg

August 2013 Charleston, West Virginia: Around 7:30pm my girlfriend and I were heading to dinner at a local restaurant in Charleston, WV, meeting some friends who were in town for a while. We parked about a block away from our destination and as we passed the local barber and beauty college we noticed the painting. My girlfriend and I love it, even requesting a plastic bag from the restaurant as to keep it from being damaged by the rain. The note attached instantly put a smile on both of our faces. Hopefully that will continue, and we can pass along the joy that we shared in finding this artwork! Jordan

August 2013 Dover, Delaware: Received this morning on of the paintings. What a great start to a beautiful day. I will hang the picture with the sheet left with the picture in my bridal shop so everyone can smile. Thank you so much for the experience. Amore' Bridal

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July 2013 Awesome feedback from a painting recipient in Mississippi: We found this one. My husband is going to frame it and bring it to his office at Gulf Coast Mental Health. He wants to retell the story and improve peoples lives. Hopefully it will show them that even strangers care. Suzi

July 2013 A very nice message from an Orange Beach, Alabama painting recipient: I found this one!!! I love it sooooo much! I would like to place it in our trama room in Orange Beach along with a little write up about Bren and Smiley B. I know it will help take away the anxiety and pain which our patients sometime unfortunately experience. What a wonderful gift. Thank you, Gina

July 2013 A wonderful message from a Eudora, Arkansas painting recipient: Bren, the Eudora City Hall thanks you for your painting, you are to be commended for your dedication of this wonderful Smiley B project . I am employed by the City of Eudora, Mayor's worker "B". Mary

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July 2013: 10 Year Anniversary Feedback: Bren, I found one of your paintings 9/11/08 in the South Street Seaport area of Manhattan. The timing made it very special to me for a few reasons. And I'm so excited you went SD to share your message! You were very close to my hometown! Sending you lots of luck for your future travels!! Robyn

July 2013: North Dakota Feedback via Twitter: Fargo-Moorhead ‏@FargoMoorhead 1 Jul The @smileproject came to #Fargo Moorhead recently...really cool idea!

July 2013: Minnesota Feedback via Twitter: Franconia Sculpture ‏@FranconiaMN 29 Jun @smileproject thx for visiting & including us in your project! You made our day :)

July 2013: Minnesota Feedback via Twitter: Falconer Vineyards ‏@FalconerVnyrds 29 JunThnx for stopping by! Great project! “@smileproject: Free painting at Falconer Vineyards in Minnesota

June 2013: "Post Boston Marathon Tragedy" free painting giveaway >>>

June 2013: "Post Boston Marathon Tragedy" free painting giveaway feedback: I took the picture you left at Hosmer School, with the note "this painting is your us you promise to spread Kindness in Boston". How lovely! Thank you for doing this... Spreading art for the sake of love! My son (9) wants to put it in his new bedroom to remind him to be kind. We live on the street in Watertown that was besieged when they caught the young bomber. What you are doing is so healing! Rena

June 2013: "Post Boston Marathon Tragedy" free painting giveaway feedback: I was walking home from a somewhat bad first date, I live in the neighborhood in Watertown of the infamous shootout, I recall the STOP sign it was perched on having had bullet holes in it a few weeks ago. Your 'gift' was the highlight of my day. It had just started raining and the happy face caught my eye, first I thought it was a children book someone had lost, then I saw the note. Thank you for your painting, your talent and your outlook! -Rob

June 2013: "Post Boston Marathon Tragedy" free painting giveaway feedback: I was just on your website and want you to know it brought tears to my eyes and a very big smile on my face when I saw you left your smile paintings all around the site of the Boston Marathon. How wonderful. It means a lot to me as I run that race and this year on that day had crossed the finish line just before the tragedy struck. So, thank you (again) for being such a great part of our city. Best, Anne

June 2013: "Post Boston Marathon Tragedy" free painting giveaway in Watertwon, MA >>>

June 2013: "Post Boston Marathon Tragedy" free painting giveaway painting recipient: I recognized the piece at the scene of the second bombing as a work by you right away. For the first time in months,I smiled walking by Forum instead of feeling sad. You are helping Boston heal. Thanks! Zach >>>

June 2013: "Post Boston Marathon Tragedy" free painting giveaway painting recipient: Bren has started a campaign around the city of Boston to heal it through his artwork. So today he placed different paints at sites the terrorist hurt people April 15th. The painting I found was located at the spot that the MIT Police Officer was gun down. Mel >>>

Amelia Island 2013. I just wanted to say I found your painting in Amelia Island's Historic District. I thought it was such a cool gesture and I have been smiling at strangers ever since. I think what your doing is great, keep up the awesome persona.Thanks a lot and hope your journey continues to bring more compassion and understanding to the world. Anthony >>>

Los Angeles 2013. So i found your painting (the one with the purple monster) on my way to class today and i definitely needed it! I wasn't having such a good day, you know the kind where if just feels like you lost your chapstick, and this was a much needed pick me up! Thanks again! Emilie >>>

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Follow-up feedback 3.2013: I remember how exciting it was for me to find your painting sitting on the psychic's bench next to my store... Seeing this picture has brought back that wonderful feeling... I don't think you really have any idea of how special that day was for me... It started out really crappy, and then I found that little devil, sitting on a bench... It truly changed my whole attitude... Your act of kindness made a huge difference in my day, and it has brought you into my life... I am very grateful!!! Dian, NYC

SmileyB Peru. 2.2013 >>>

New Jersey. 1.2013. Thanks so much for the painting that was dropped off at my office in Ramsey NJ. My whole family loves it! It was such a great surprise to find it in my waiting room. Mike >>>

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Smile Lotto Project. 10.2012 >>>

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Smile Western Massachusetts September 2012: Thank you so much for the painting! We promise to keep our end of the bargain :) >>>

Smile Western Massachusetts September 2012: Twitter: I just begged my mom to go pick up your painting at ye old grogge shoppe in belchertown & she got it!!! Facebook: My daughter asked me to go to a store on the other side of Belchertown because an artist left paintings randomly for free... in different parts of Hampshire county. Amherst, Noho, & 1 in of course I did... =) >>>

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Smile London: hello...a few years ago i stumbled across a picture of a girl smiling with a pearl neck lace on, in Trafalgar square London, i was cleaning my room out today ready for yet another move noticed the address on the back, i thought i would like very much to drop you a line and say thank you for the wonderful picture, I HAVE SMILED at people since finding it and will continue to do so as instructed, its a lovely picture and i like it very very much, thank you so much for leaving that small picture there for me to stumble across...yours sincerely, Fran

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Smile Mandeville, LA 3.2012 Our girls saw your presentation at Mandeville Middle School and thanks to you and Kimnita Lavelle, they found one of your pictures yesterday. Our family loves the message your sending and will continue to pass it on. Your painting will be framed and displayed prominently in our house to help remind us of what is important. Sincerely, Steve

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Smile St. Louis 2.2012 >>> I wanted to share something really really cool that we stumbled upon yesterday at the City Museum. We were discovering the new treehouse not too long after our arrival and saw a cute little painting sitting on a bench outside of the turtle... aquarium. The note attached to the painting said “This painting is yours if you promise to smile at random people more often.” Just seeing this cute painting and note made us all smile, and Kylee really, really wanted to take it so I packed it into our bag. We found it right at the beginning of our trip and it really set the tone for us for the entire day, we had a much needed, fun, amazing day, and we really did make an effort to smile more often, but that was easy to do there. We talked about it on the ride home, assumed it was probably a local artist who maybe just did this for the museum a lot. Helena even said at bedtime “Remember, Mom, we need to smile at people more--well, at least Kylee has to, she wanted the painting”. Haha. At the bottom of the note and on the painting there was a website. After I put the kids in bed, I went online and I was AMAZED. This artist is NOT a local artist. He is a famous man. Bren Bataclan. He travels the WORLD and doesn’t look like he’s ever even been in St. Louis before. He’s been on CBS Evening News! Founding a movement called “The Smile Project”, he leaves artwork like this with notes all over the world, and looks as if he was just returning from South America. And sure enough, on his twitter page, he wrote that he was going to be in St. Louis. He also looks for feedback on whoever was lucky enough to find his work so I will be posting on his website. It’s a really cute kind of “pay it forward” thing and I am so excited that our family was lucky enough to receive this blessing. Heather

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